Product photo retouching – Food photo retouching

Product photo retouching

Today product photos are part and parcel of online appearance, this is what the internet is good for. We can take a good look at the products, rotate them in 3D and can have an idealized image of a given product. It is absolutely essential that the product photo should be of high quality otherwise they may be counterproductive and will not have the intended impact on the visitor. However, professional product photos really can create trust, you can call customers’ attention and fantasy with really good pictures. This is also very important for companies which sell products since the customer makes a decision whether to buy a product or not based on the visual input.

Needless to say, if you are in the process of setting up an online shop on Amazon, eBay or Etsy, even if you are already running a thriving e-commerce business, one of your main focuses has to be on the quality of your product images. This can make you stand out of the competition, build trust with your buyers, boost sales and develop an acknowledged brand. 

Advantages of using my retouching service

  • It is an investment 

You are a professional, your business is important to you, so you are going to invest in it. You could be selling anything from luxury watches to threads for jewellery making, from high-end party service food creations to organic vegetables, the visual presentation of your product is one of the most critical factors in marketing it. 

Are you using the Amazon, Etsy or eBay platforms, or do you have your own e-commerce website? Choosing my professional product photo retouching service will be the best investment you can make to boost your sales with amazing imagery. 

  • It will save you a lot of time

Time is money, we all know this. Leave the exhausting and time-consuming work of photo retouching to me, and you can concentrate more on your creative process. You will immediately have more time for yourself, knowing that in the meanwhile your images are going through a transformation that will lead to success in your business life. It’s an absolute win-win.

  • High quality and highly customizable service at a fair price

Work begins after consulting, considering all the needs of the client. A tremendous amount of patience and perfectionism is put into the retouching, resulting in excellent product photos. You can always tailor the number of methods used by me to fit your budget. You will find this approach especially helpful if you are just launching your e-commerce business.

Methods used when retouching product photos

These are the most frequently used methods I’m applying in the process of product photography retouching:

• changing and removal of background

• colour correction

• cropping 

• resizing

• removing reflections

• removing price tags

• masking/clipping

• contrast and brightness adjustments 

• noise removal

• adding watermarks

If you have a particular need which you don’t see listed here, don’t hesitate to contact me on my Contact page. For the different packages I offer, do check my Prices page.

Keep in mind that these days, every product needs to be presented perfectly. Also worth to note, that product photo retouching needs to be made to very high standards, as the majority of consumers are now aware and conscious about digital image enhancement and there is a strong need for beautiful, outstanding but at the same time realistic imagery. Honestly, there’s nothing more annoying than purchasing a product that falls behind its online representation. This happens regularly if the retouching isn’t made by professionals. 

With so much competition in all fields, providing the best possible product photo on your website is elemental for success. You can stand out in many ways, and one way to reach this goal is to get your product photos edited by a professional, who takes every client and every project seriously, delivers the job on time and works with reasonable prices.

Food photo retouching

That’s why I’m offering you professional product photographs in order to boost your sales. Whatever your needs in product photo editing starting from to bulk editing basic photo features to high-end retouching of existing product photos, I can give you something that suits your needs and pocket.

Food photography is extremely popular these days. People are getting more conscious about the food they consume. Food culture is blooming, with the different trends and eating habits, classy restaurants for every budget, organic food production, farm to table and similar movements getting more and more supporters each day. Food blogs are amongst the most popular accounts on Instagram. 

What many people don’t know, is how much work goes into food photography. The styling, the lighting, the composition, the equipment are all very important, and sometimes the different tasks are even made by various professionals. However, one indispensable phase of the process is food photo retouching. 

Who can benefit from my food photo retouching service?

• food bloggers

• professional food photographers

• restaurant owners

• café and deli owners

• bakeries

• organic farmers

• social media influencers

• dietitians

… and the list goes on. With the lightning-quick development of multimedia, both on the hardware and on the software side, catching up with the visual requirements of the consumers – or the readers, in case of a blog – has become more important than ever.

What kind of editing does food photography need?

When working with food photos, most of the time I’m using sharpening, noise reduction, colour correction, contrast and brightness adjustments. Removing or replacing the background also works for these type of photos. This is a very time-consuming work, which needs total concentration and dedication to the project. 

During this work, I think it’s vital to keep the surface structure of the pictured food items as natural as possible.

What can you expect when you leave your precious food photos in my hands?

Only the best. Because of the previous consultation, you can rest assured, that the retouching is going to be made to meet your needs maximally. You can rely on years of expertise behind me and my need for perfection. As always, the amount of retouching can be tailored to your budget. 

Your partners and clients deserve the best food images. Those mouth-watering mind-blowing “I can’t believe this is real!” type of images that pop out of the screen, grab you and don’t let you free until you go and try the dishes seen on them in the restaurant or at the farmers market that is advertising it. 

I can help you create the food photos no-one can resist.

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