Professional Digital Photo Retouching Services

Welcome to my professional photo retouching services website.

If you are looking for a pro photo retoucher for editing your own pictures, you are at the best place. If you need my photo retouching services because you are on behalf of an agency, you are also at the best place. Please, go over my retouching portfolio and the rest of the site to find out more about me and the work I can offer you.

Photo retouching can take much more time than actual photographing. I can help you save your time, so you can focus more on your business. It is my job to do the rest of the work and you can be sure you will get an excellent image that you can use in your projects. Personally, I have designed my photo retouching services to meet individual needs of professional photographers or agencies, maintaining their photography style to help them create pictures that meet the expectations of the most demanding customers. Whatever the expectations, I am sure that you, the customer, will be happy with the final image. I am also sure you will get very good value for your money.

This site is dedicated to digital photo retouching, I’m a professional retoucher. This website is a showcase of some of my works. I try to give the visitors the idea what digital retouching is capable of. In case you are interested in photo manipulation and retouching or you are looking for a person who can enhance your photos digitally, you are exactly where you should be.

If you are interested in my most up-to-date images, please visit my Behance, Facebook, or Instagram images.


“Barbara joined my team to work on the  Lambertz Calendar PURE 2019 project as a retoucher. It is the second famous calendar in Europe after the Pirelli Calendar. This calendar’s message was about global warming. Many famous people like Hilary Clinton and Leonardo DiCaprio get a complimentary copy of it each year.

Barbara has a high-quality retouching knowledge.  Under our cooperation, she has been efficient and professional. She is trustful and we functioned well as a team. I am very satisfied with her work and I sincerely recommend her service.

Art Director, Producer & Photographer
Marco Cormann”

Lambertz Calendar PURE 2019

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Creative retouching, Photo manipulation, Photoshop, Art work, Digital art,
Creative retouching, photo manipulation, poster idea, digital art, creative poster idea,

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