Family and newborn photo retouching services

Family photo retouching

Family photographs are probably our most cherished treasures. People often misunderstand the essence of photo retouching. It’s not about creating unrealistic images, it’s about fine-tuning the family photographs in a way that results in perfect family heirloom images.

There are so many occasions that we want to keep in our memories, like a wedding, graduation, the birth of a baby, a family vacation, a memorable family gathering, and so much more. The most important moments in our lives deserve to be documented in the best possible way.

Who can benefit from my family photo retouching service?

This is just a short list to give you an idea of how versatile is the use of a professional retouching service, both in private and in business life. My service can be used with success by:

  • • families, for private use
  • • professional photographers
  • • media agencies
  • • model agencies
  • • family business owners

Preserving family photos

Many families stick to the tradition of hiring a professional photographer to capture the most significant moments of their life, while others enjoy the freedom and accessibility of today’s digital photography. However, taking the picture is just the first step. Your possibilities and creativity can often be limited, simply by mother nature, or any other circumstances really. 

Let me give you an example. When you have a lot of people around, like on a graduation day or a wedding, or even at the beach, preventing people from stepping into your well-composed picture’s background is literally a mission impossible. 

Whether you hire a professional photographer or you shoot your family photos yourself, my professional retouching service can be a massive help in preserving your most important family memories.

Family photo retouching for professionals

My retouching service can be used by professionals from several fields of life.

If you are a professional photographer, you already know the amount of work and attention that has to be put into the retouching, and you are also aware of how time-consuming it is. Just image how many other things you can get done if you let me do this job for you.

Maybe you have a media or model agency, and you want your family photo portfolios to really stand out of the competition. 

Or maybe you own a striving family business with your own e-commerce website or a shop on Amazon, eBay or Etsy, and you’d like to introduce the people who stand behind your business to your customers. Excellent images will help your business look professional, family pictures, in particular, can build trust with your clientele. 

Other types of family photo retouching

Probably a lot of families today still have very old, black-and-white photographs from the past. These are real treasures. But as time passes, these photographs lose their colour, really old ones can have a lot of creases, even tears. I can help you conserve the heirloom photos for future generations, if you have such images, do take a look at my photo restoration service.

Take your creativity and your cherished family photos to the next level with my advanced skills and extensive experiences in image manipulation and digital art. Please take a look at my portfolio here.

family photo retouching

Newborn photo retouching

A newborn photo should be simply beautiful and sensitive, just like a newborn. The pictures of newborn babies are of course part of the family photos, but still a little different, these type of images need special skills for excellent results, both regarding photography and regarding after-work, or retouching.

Newborn babies images are so delicate to retouch and need intelligent photo editing to maintain the real features and texture. It is the type of smooth newborn retouching where the human touch counts the most. I have the skill to create smooth newborn skin. It is all the little elements like the softness, the colouring, the contrast that image yours. Just tell me what your preferences are. I also know how important it is to understand your style to make the images have your name on it.

Newborn photo retouching service for families

A newborn baby is the biggest gift to a family. Whether you want to take the pictures yourself – and you will want to do it, tons of it, actually – or you decide to hire a professional photographer, you really should consider the importance of retouching. 

If you work with me, I can guarantee that your images taken from your newborn baby will look highly professional and natural at the same time, resulting in photos that you can treasure for many years to come. Remember, I handle every order with the utmost care and attention, and my service is highly customisable so it can fit a wide range of customer needs and budgets. 

All you have to do is get in touch with me on my Contact page.

Newborn photo retouching service for professionals

Are you a professional photographer in need of some free time? Or lots of free time? I’m here to help you out. Photo retouching is not only my work, but my passion, and you can rest assured that the pictures you get back from me will testify this.

Not only professional photographers can rely on the work of a highly-trained retoucher. Businesses, large and small, offering different services to the parents of newborn babies can also profit from the excellent images I’m able to create. 

Some examples are:

  • • agencies 
  • • e-commerce business on the Amazon or eBay platforms
  • • entrepreneurs selling handmade baby clothes, toys, baby shower gifts or anything else related to babies on Etsy
  • • doulas, midwives, lactation consultants
  • • baby massage specialists
  • • yoga studios offering mother-baby classes


In any case, you are more then welcome to contact me if you’d like to boost your 

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