Portrait retouching services

Portrait retouching is one of the most popular services. Basically, it means that I try to enhance the portrait image in every possible way. It is also important that the final image should look natural and you would not be able to recognize where it was enhanced.

I remove the skin imperfections along with other spots from the original picture, making it much lighter and smoother. I apply a number of Photoshop tools as well as a series of graphic corrections. It is also important to keep the subject’s skin texture and the colours. All you will realize at the end is that the image is considerably better. Without the original image, you will not be able to spot the different areas.

In the following pictures, I put the original image on the right and the retouched portrait on the left. With the slider, you can see where exactly I modified the original image.

Photographers, studios, advertisement agencies and the web have already made retouching popular. Portrait retouching is not always done by photographers.

I’m happy to offer this service if you are a professional photographer but you are looking for someone who will retouch your portraits. I never use bulk editing, I will work on all the portraits individually. This way I can maintain a high quality which otherwise is not possible with bulk edit.

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These services including:

  • Natural skin without losing skin texture
  • Removing or smoothing lines and wrinkle removing dark circles under the eyes
  • Teeth whitening
  • Makeup correction
  • Stray hairs removal


  • Makeup application
  • Hair, lips, eyes colour changing
  • Facial reshaping plus wrinkle removal

    Creative digital retouching for image enthusiasts. Tons of before-after images plus great deals on photo editing and retouching for short deadlines.

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