Terms and conditions

Before using my services please read my terms and conditions carefully. In the case of any doubt, please contact me for further information. Note that any violation of these Terms and Conditions may result in termination of my services to you. I reserve the right to change these terms and conditions without prior notice.


  1. My services

I offer digital retouching services to customers in many countries of the world. I am based in the United Kingdom. I support my customers primarily through email communication and I do not offer phone support.

By using my services you agree that I will not be responsible for any liability or loss or damages or expenses including legal fees related to the use of my services or the violation of this agreement. I have no liability whatsoever for your use of any information or service on this site. No communication with me whether oral or written shall create any warranty or guarantee.

  1. Submissions 

By submitting any digital images you grant me a non-exclusive, royalty-free license to use, transmit, modify, copy, display and edit for the purposes of completing your order. With accepting my quote and transferring images for me to work on, you agree that you understand copyright laws and the fact that all images are royalty free ones and do not violate any laws.

Using my services exclude any of the following materials:

  • Any content that unlawful, pornographic, abusive, inappropriate, threatening, promoting racism or harm against any individual or a group.
  • Any materials containing software viruses or computer codes, programs or files, destroying, interrupting or limiting the functionality of any computer equipment and software/hardware.
  • Content that could infringe copyrights, rights of privacy or other intellectual property rights without the permission of the owner of these rights and the persons who are shown in the material.
  1. Data storage

I do not offer data storage services to any customers. If I provide you with any kind of data storage for making the transfer easier, I will delete the files after having received them or 14 days the latest. I do not take any responsibility or liability for the deletion of your upload.

4. Payment

My prices are indicated in British Pounds (£). This website pricing guide is given for a reference only. My retouching rates may vary depending on each and every individual project. I have experienced that every customer has very specific needs and requirements, therefore, I quote each project as a separate entity regarding the complexity of the work. When I give a quote I also give an estimated time that is required for the project to be finished. Customers state that the billing and shipping information is given accurately and you agree that I am not to be held liable for any delay in services that result from inaccurate contact details.

When you place your order you will be required to make a full payment of the order. All payments must be made using Paypal.

Under £2000 the amount must be paid with one payment. Over £2000 individual payment terms may be possible.

In case you want to settle the bill using Paypal, there is a transaction fee that Paypal charges. This extra charge, e.g. the transaction fee will always be on the customer.

All the prices are in British pounds, so during the transfer, you will be required to send your payment in British pounds regardless of the country of your stay.

5. Rejections

I reserve the right to reject any digital images that I believe to be inappropriate or illegal in nature. In such an event I will refund the full amount paid by the client. I also reserve the right to reject any images that I believe cannot be retouched to the customer’s satisfaction.

6.Turnaround time

The following times are estimates and for your information only.

  • Individual portrait, body retouching, etc. up to 3 images: 1 – 3 business days
  • Individual photo retouching 10-20 images: 4-5 business days.
  • Custom project (this greatly depends on the individual needs): 1-10 business days.
  • Individuals & Business Photo Restoration; Photo Montage & Manipulation: 3-10 business days

The turnaround time frames indicated above do not imply a guarantee. Actual ones may vary depending on the workload and you will be notified the approximate times well in advance. I do my best to come up with a draft within 72 hours that the customer can evaluate. In practice, this time is usually shorter. Turnaround times should be relevant after the project is made clear by the customer and I can start working on the images.

7. Free trial

There is a free trial service but for professional photographers ONLY!

Once your information is verified, then there is a possibility to get ONE image retouched with a watermark for evaluation purpose only. I reserve the right to refuse this service to any user.

The purpose of a test image is for the customer to assess my photoshop editing abilities. This image or images are provided free of charge and they will include a before-after comparison to make the differences absolutely clear. The image also contains a watermark.
The test image is not aimed at giving the customer a ready-made work for free that he/she can use without paying for the work. The test image is for testing purpose only, which can be bought later if the result pleases the customer.

8. Refund policy.

I will do my best to satisfy my customer’s requirements. It is my basic interest that customers should be happy with the service I provide. However, there might be cases that some dissatisfaction occurs in connection with the work done. In this case, I prefer clear communication and I will revise the images according to the criteria that you gave me. This means that before the final image is delivered, I am open to modifying the image or images but after the final version has been decided and you have agreed to it, I will finalize the image. After that, I do not offer any refund since I invested my time.

After the final image(s) have been delivered more modifications will be subject to another cooperation, hence, it will be quoted differently.

Please communicate your requirements in a clear and understandable manner. During work, you will be shown the progress so you will have a chance to tell me if the work is progressing towards the direction that you imagined. If not, please tell me because, after delivery, there is NO REFUND.

9. Royalty

All the images that I will work on and will complete are royalty-free images. It means that once you paid for my services, you can use those images anywhere you want.

10. Canceling the Services

You can cancel your order until your payment is processed and done. Once the amount for the service is paid, in no way can the original contract be changed. The work will be done and you will get what you have paid for in good quality.

I reserve the right to terminate the service at any time during the work. In such a case, I will make a refund for the part of work that has not been done.

11. Photo Replacement

I do not accept photo replacement after service is delivered. If you sent me a wrong image or images or instructions and the order was completed, you are not allowed to ask me to edit another photo for free as a replacement. You agree that you are responsible for the consequences of sending me a wrong photo or instructions.

12. Revision Policy

I provide you flexibility, therefore, you will have a chance to give me continual feedback on the quality of work. We will be in contact during the work and you will be able to see how your images turn into the images that you have imagined. I will take into account what you say about the images, so you will definitely have a say and you can do that. I provide 3 rounds of revisions at no charge.

Once the work is finalized and you accepted the final version as well I am not willing to make any more changes, the final images will be sent and your case will be closed and cannot be re-opened. In case you wish me to make additional changes, that work will be based upon a new agreement with a new contract so you will place a new order for the same images to be retouched.

13. Jurisdiction and settlement of disputes

Any contractual disputes are first settled through negotiations and then at appropriate Court of Great Britain.

14. Language 

All the communication, quotes, terms and conditions, emailing will be done in English.

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