Photo restoration

Photo restoration is a labour of love – hours on Photoshop and a great deal of patience. I offer photo restoration and repair services for old photos. No matter the conditions, chances are I can improve the image a great deal.

Your photos are always degrading, people in the past used a chemical reaction when they first produced the images. The problem is that this process does not stop. Eventually, your image will fade away, and many varying factors like heat and sunlight can speed this degradation process up. Don’t wait any longer! It is easy! Send me your images so I can restore them and pass them back to you in digital format for safe keeping. As a result, it is important to preserve those precious memories for friends and family for generations to come.

What you need is a digital brush up, whereby I remove scratches to get the old photo restored and looking as clean as possible. It’s subtle but makes a huge change in quality. Even ugly tears across the photograph can be digitally stitched together and appear as if they were never there.

Just a few words how the process goes. First of all, the old image become a digital image with the highest image resolution possible. In addition, I will try to get rid of the ceased parts of the image. I try to reconstruct the the missing parts from the existing ones. If necessary, I can make a black and white image colourful or the faded yellowish image can become a contrast balck and white image. I will apply noise reduction on the image as well. If you, the customer would like other specific changes in the image, that is also a possibility.

For details or more information on photo restoration, please contact me.

photo restoration

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