Professional retouching prices

Images are recommended to be in .RAW ( NEF, CRW) or .TIFF formats.

Why do I prefer the RAW file against the not edited JPG file?

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Important note!

When you send me image files, please bear in mind that RAW image formats will result in much better finish at the end than any other formats, hence I prefer these. 

The RAW file is preferable because it is unprocessed and uncompressed containing ALL the information that was saved from the camera’s sensor. However, JPEG files DO NOT contain all the information, a lot of it is lost during the compression process. When I have to work from a format like JPEG, image information is compressed and lost. With RAW you’re able to produce higher quality images, as well as correct problematic images that would be unrecoverable if the shot was in the JPEG format. That’s the reason I’m asking all my customers to provide me with RAW formats instead of any other formats. When you know that the images have to be retouched later, please reset the camera’s settings and allow the images to be saved in RAW formats.

Most popular camera RAW files name:

  • Nikon RAW format: NEF
  • Canon RAW file format: CRW
  • Sony RWA file format: ARW



In case of bigger projects, long-term existing cooperations, individual lower prices apply.  

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